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"Are You Ready To DOMINATE The Division?"
"Are You Ready To Level FAST In The Division?"

"Step By Step Strategy Guide For The Division Shows You How To Level Fast,
Get The Best Weapons And Gear And DOMINATE The Game!"
"Start Seeing More Of The Game Faster, Having More Fun And Be The Envy Of
Other Players - We Show You How..."

Disclaimer: Using this guide will most likely cause a lot of people asking to
team up with you for missions, we ask you to stay grounded and help everyone
you can! :D

Dear Friend,

Welcome to The Division Agent Survival Guide,
If you have The Division you will already know that it is an awesome
The problem is that to make progress you NEED to know how to play it
Read every word on this page and we will show you how to:
* Enjoy the game more!
* Make super-fast progress!
* Get the best gear!
* Get the best weapons!
* Survive the Dark Zone!
* See all the content FAST and have a Blast!
* + Much More!

If you would like to learn how to become a better player fast and start
enjoying the game more, let me introduce:
"The Division Agent Survival Guide"
What Is The Division Agent Survival Guide?
This is the #1 unofficial guide for Tom Clancy's The Division. The
reason I created this guide is to give players that need it the edge!
If you want to see ALL the game has to over, race through the content,
see all the missions and the bosses and get the best gear and weapons
then you are in the right place.
The guide will not ONLY show you HOW to play the game but it will also
introduce to aspects of the game that the game developers do not tell
you about.
Namely, the MECHANICS of the game - you need to know how to get the
best gear and weapons early on so you have the best chance of
This will allow you to see more content faster and have more fun, and
we guarantee you will never be stuck for a team to join - people will
be queuing up to join you!
If You Want To Make FAST PROGRESS Through The Division, Have MORE Fun
And DOMINATE The Game - You NEED This Guide!
Why Is The Division Agent Survival Guide So Special? Can It Really
The Division is an awesome game! The problem is TIME!
The game can take a LONG TIME to get to grips with and that is assuming
you have the time to put into the game.
The other thing you have to think about is COMPETITION!
I know it is just a MMORG - even though it is a shooter - and you can
play at your own pace, I get that.
You want to win!
Of course you do! THAT is where the fun is!
To win and have more fun you need the BEST gear, weapons and the
know-how to get them FAST!
THIS is where The Division Agent Survival Guide comes in...
You will get everything laid out for you so you can follow through and
The best thing is that the guide is not full of waffle. It is not an
instruction manual for the game, you don't need one of them.
What it is, is an Agent Survival Guide - so you know a new Agent or an
Agent looking to move up to the next level EXACTLY what to do and how
to do it!

Get The #1 Strategy Guide For The Division And Start Dominating!


Let's Have A Look At What You Get In The Agent Survival Guide For The

Getting Started - Boot Camp
This section of the guide is where it all starts. You will get the
strategies and tips to play the game and make you a BETTER player.
This is NOT an instruction guide for the game! I know you know how to
point and shoot, but you will learn tactics here that you can use in
the game to speed through. Using this part of the guide you will be
able to make faster progress, become a better player fast and have more
You will get:
Getting Started - You want to move fast? You want the best stuff and to
see the game? You need to start off on the right foot. You get a
quickstart guide that EVEN if you just follow this part of the guide
will get you FAST results.
The Division Agent Survival guide will show you from the very outset
how to get fast crafting supplies, a big xp boost and also better gear
This is just to start you off and will give you a HUGE boost!
You will also get a walkthrough of the basics, but this is NOT just
point and shoot. The guide will give you actual tactics that will
improve your game from the offset.
Literally using this first part of the guide you will be a better
player, you will have an edge on 95% of players around the world as you
will have the best gear and you will also be making faster progress.
As well as showing you how to get a HUGE XP boost, better gear to start
with we will also give you an introduction to the skill assignment tree
and show you how to use it properly. The number of players that mess up
their progress from the start by not using the skill assignment
properly is HUGE. You will learn how to do it the RIGHT way and we will
tell you how to get set up for the FASTEST results!
In this section of the guide you will also get help with actually
becoming a better player! This is commonly overlooked - most people
make slower progress than they need because they think:
"I Have Played Shooters Before..."
Well, to make superfast progress let us take you through this section
and make sure you hit the ground running, get the quickest start and
get more fun from the game from the outset.

Missions Guide
This part of the guide will guide you through the missions. Once you
have got through the getting started section and started making fast
progress we want to KEEP that momentum going and this section of the
guide will do exactly that.
We give you a complete walkthrough of the missions and also explain the
different types of missions and WHEN to play them. There are different
types of missions in the game such as Tech Missions, Security Missions
and Medical Missions and you need to know the path through the game.
There are different ways of playing the game and we give you the
fastest route through for quickest results. We also make sure that the
missions you go through will give you the best rewards and gear.
Do not go through the Division without our mission guide!
Weapons Guide
Quite simply if you don't know how the weapons work you may quickly
come unstuck!
Our guide will give you a complete weapons guide and not just tell you
what to expect from each weapon and who should use it depending on your
playstyle, but also where to get the best weapons in the game. The
truth is that when you use everything in the guide in conjunction you
will have a REAL edge!
This does not take the fun OUT of the game but allows you to play the
game with no lost time thus having more fun, being the envy of your
friends and also getting some awesome results.
In this section of the guide we will make sure you understand:
Full Weapons Guide - The weapons are a VERY overlooked part of the
game. Sure, you get drops, sure you upgrade your weapons BUT unless you
KNOW how to use those weapons you will be shooting in the dark. In our
guide we will show you ALL the weapons and the ones you want to be
focused on and the ones you want to leave well alone! It all adds up to
2 things - faster progression and more fun!
Weapon Talents - You need to know how to use these. In fact, if you use
these properly you will get an edge in the game from the very
beginning. We show you which talents are worth unlocking, how to unlock
them and how to use them for faster progress. This is a MAJOR area of
the game where people stall - without the right talents you will be
wasting your time! We guide you through exactly which talents are the
best for you to use.
Best Weapons Guide - Now you know about the weapons, now you know about
the weapon talents you now need to know how to USE these to make FAST
progress! Get our top unofficial best weapon guide that will give you
the edge! You will love this!

Crafting Guide
In the New Agent Survival Handbook you really will get everything you
need to survive the game and the Dark Zone. Of course, you will need to
know how to craft! This can be a minefield for new players and even
experienced players, if they get this part wrong are wasting materials.
Let us show you step by step how to craft in The Division so you can:
Get the BEST items in the game - these need to be CRAFTED.
We show you how to get weapons, masks, body armor, backpacks, gloves,
holsters etc...
Not to mentioned mods - gear mods, weapon mods, all of these need to be
crafted, at least for the best ones! In the guide we show you how!
We also give you the blueprints that you need to craft the best stuff
in the game, you need to know how to find the blueprints and the
different way of getting these so you can craft!
All of this awaits you inside the guide!
Levelling REALLY Fast!
OK, maybe I should have put this at the top! After all this is why you
are here! You want to level fast? Well, you need all of the info above
BUT there are also some strategies that you can use to race through the
All of our `levelling fast' strategies are easy to implement and
designed for your playstyle. If you just want to have as much fun as
possible and see as much of the game as possible you will love this
section of the guide.
We give you the knowhow and the strategies to get ahead fast.
Levelling up fast is NOT about completing missions; at least not JUST
about completing missions. You can level really fast by building up the
security wing in your base of operations and also understanding how to
level fast as a team!
We will also show you how to level really fast by going rouge and
advise on how to do this for the quickest results.

Get The Best Gear!
We guide you through the best gear in the game, how to get it and how
to use it to make lightning fast progress. If you want to race through
The Division and see it all you need to have the best gear. We make it
super easy by showing how to get the best gear and the best mods.
We also give you a full guide on Extraction in the game!
That's right!
To get the best gear you will need to have your items decontaminated
and you can in the helicopter to your location. When you do, you will
alert EVERY SINGLE agent to your position which is not good!
This means that you will get everyone trying to wipe you out because if
they do they get the loot!
Don't worry though!
This is where the New Agent Survival Handbook comes in - we will not
ONLY tell you how to make sure you get the best gear and extract it
without getting killed by rival agents.
We also show you how YOU can get FREE gear by taking on agents! Hey, if
you don't get them they get you right!
We show you the fastest way to get some of the best gear by taking
advantage of other player's hard work! Sneaky, I know, but you will
love it!
What The New Agent Survival Handbook REALLY IS?
If you are looking to have more fun with the game and get the best
gear, weapons and level up fast while being the player that EVERYONE
wants in their team this is for you.
The guide is the top unofficial game guide for The Division and has
been put together by REAL players of The Division.
The is not some crappy guide that gives you info you can find
We KNOW you don't want to read a game manual, where is the fun in that?
What you DO want to do is IMPROVE YOUR GAME!
What you WANT is to LEVEL FASTER!
What you WANT is to BE BETTER!
What you WANT is to BE THE BEST!
This is where the guide comes in!
It will give you the strategies that you need to DOMINATE the game!
You know what the best thing about The Division is?
It is an ONLINE game!
You are playing against and with REAL people!
You get two groups of people with online games:
The Newbies:
You can get enjoyment from a game as a newbie but normally you end up
getting eaten alive by the pros. In fact, if you want to play the game
and have fun and explore all it has to offer then being a newbie can be
a very frustrating place to be.
You also get the pros praying on newbies, easy kills in the dark zone,
easy to dominate when they try to extract and when you DO team up you
just end up getting on people's nerves because you don't know the game!
I know, it is JUST a game but it is a tough place - people mean
business and they take no prisoners!
So instead of being a newbie let's get you into the:
The Pros:
You know how to spot a pro right?
Someone breezing through the game, someone that just killed you and
made it easy!
They didn't even break a sweat!
Sure, we can shout at the screen - sure we can say "You should get out
more and not play games so much!" - but you know what is better?
You know what is sweeter?
If you have been a newbie at a game you will know what I am talking
It is time to BEAT them at their own game!
You want to be a pro at The Division?
You want to start dominating?
Then you need The New Agent Survival Handbook!

This guide has been made specifically for ANYONE that wants to
Whether you are NEW to the game or FRUSTRATED with the game and your
progress, or you just want to speed up your progress you will LOVE the
NOTE: This is MORE than JUST a guide - it contains strategies and
tactics that you can use in the game to get results! You want to see
the game, you want to get all the gear, you want to rule the Dark Zone,
you want to be the one EVERYONE wants on their team?
Well, now you can!
Get full access below today for just $27 and get started!


Right now you can get the full guide and take advantage of these
special bonuses:
Included with your purchase of the guide you will get FREE updates!
Whenever the game changes or gets an update so does the guide! That way
you are never left out of date!
Need help with a strategy or technique in the guide as you are whizzing
through the content? Not a problem, email us 24/7 apart from the time
we sleep we will be back to you the same day!
This is just for fun!
You will get a mystery bonus inside! A little clue for you: You will
love this bonus if all you want to do is make super-fast progress!
Yours free with your purchase today!

We are so sure you will love The New Agent Survival Guide that we are
offering a 90-day guarantee! 90 days! You can use the guide and the
strategies within for a FULL 90 days and if at any time in the next 90
days you are not satisfied, simply contact us for a no questions asked
The time is now!
The guide is accessible online and you will be able to download and
print out - even if it is 2am in the morning!
Let's get you the best gear, weapons and mods but most of all let's get
you the GLORY!
See you inside!
P.S Short version? Simply click the link to get access to the full
guide that will allow you to dominate The Division! CLICK HERE AND GET

Disclaimer: New Agent Survival Handbook is in no ways related to, or
affiliated with, or associated with, or endorsed by Massive
Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft
Annecyand their respective logos, are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and other countries.
All other trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. New
Agent Survival Handbook, its products and other information provided on
this site is not tested, reviewed or certified by Massive
Entertainment, Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft
Annecy. Use any information found on this at your own risk.

All content & design © 2016 newagentsurvivalhandbook. All Rights

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registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
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used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an
endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim,
statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Copyright © 2016 New Agent Survival Handbook All Rights Reserved.

Email Support: support(@)newagentsurvivalhandbook

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